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  • Traditional Gitifi in Hostal Garifuna
  • There is always one bottle left
  • Story behind gifiti
  • Modern production of Gifiti

Gifiti is a traditional Garfuna drink. Gifiti means bitter, which is a word from the Garifuna Language. This drink is a combination of herbs and roots, like Palo de Hombre, Contrigo, Manzanilla, etc. which produces that peculiar taste.This delicious drink revitalizes after a long journey from the mountain, high sea or even to release the city stress. Historically, it has been prepared in a bamboo container. The modern formula uses alcohol. Gifiti is also called The Love Medicine!
Gifiti is produced according to modern methods, too, but this is not the way of Orinoco - We are old fashioned and make our Gifiti traditionally by hand. In Hostal Garifuna Gifiti is prepared traditionally in local rustic brewery and mixed with herbs and roots according to our own formula. Taste it and enjoy life! If you will have Gifiti bottle or two with you, let us know before you come. The demand doesn't meet amount of production all the time.

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