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Once you have reached Bluefields, you just get daily panga and enjoy the boat trip. It is very beautiful river route passing through mangrove forests and small lagoons. Something worth of seeing.

There are three boat -transporting companies covering the rute Bluefields – Orinoco. Two of them are using municipal dock (easy to find, just ask from taxi driver) and the biggest one (Vargas Wendelin) has own terminal by side of municipal dock. It is not hard to find, anyhow. Jus ask pangas to Orinoco: Pangas to Pueblo Nuevo make a stop in Orinoco. In the following link there is a schedule for Pangas from Bluefields to Orinoco. 

 It is recommendable to make a reservation for pangas before your arrival. Sometimes pangas may be full booked.





Here are telephone numbers of Boat drivers. They speak fluent english and make a reservation by phone. Anyhow: if you want us to make reservation for pangas for you, we make it gladly.

  • Charney (pangas for Orinoco): 88370595
  • Ingrid (Pangas for Pueblo Nuevo): 88257140
  • Don Guillermo (Pangas for Pueblo nuevo): 58090814
  • Kensy (Hostal Garifuna) +50585045724

A boat trip from Bluefields to Orinoco is amazing experience:  In the beginning, huge river Escondido is passed, then rivers and lagoons with mangrove forests in both sides and then one of the most beautiful lagoons in Central America, the Pearl Lagoon. 


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