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Web site of Hostal Garifuna is made mainly by Hostal Garifunas own work. Anyhow there is a place to give thanks to people who support us with our work.


Mark Aumann provided some magnificent photos from Orinoco and Hostal Garifuna. Thank you very much for your help! From here you can find more his beautiful photos taken from Orinoco community and Hostal Garifuna.

Kenny Siu Downs give us permission to use some of his photos, specially from Festival Garifuna. We appreciate a lot of that!

Neyda Dixon give us a permission to use some of her beautiful photos about our community. We appreciate a lot of that.


Thanks to Kensy Sambola for the permission to use her masters thesis of antrophology as a part of our www-platform.

Thanks to Dalky Sambola for her article about Garifuna Gastronomy and permission to publish it here.

Some of the texts about Pearl Lagoon's Basins communities were based and modified from texts of ViaNica. Thanks for them, too.


In this web-platform we used Joomla 3.51 and some of it's extensions. thanks for Joomla community for its great work! 


This platform use English as a base language. Translations to other languages is made by Google -translator. We apologize all inconveniences and inaccuracies caused by machine translation. Manual accurate translation will soon be available.


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