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Garifuna Adventure tours

We offer amazing minitours and adventures to experience traditional fishing in Pearl Lagoon, wildlife watching in Tropical rain forests and getting to know nearby rivers.

Courses, events and Festivals

We organize courses of cooking according to Garifuna traditional recipts, Dancing and drumming with help of genuine garifuna dance professionals and of course we are a part of annual Festival Garifuna.


Local artesan's products

If you are interested local artisan's products, such as genuine Garifuna drums of all size, organic bracelets and other pieces of jewelry made out of coconut shell or bone, carved hard wood images and other artisan items, you can find them in Orinoco and in Hostal Garifuna.

Find Hostal Garifuna from Caribbean coast of Nicaragua

(505) 8648 4985


Orinoco community, 25 kms north from Peal Lagoon. From the pier 50 meters to north, By side of Anglican Church.  South Caribbean coast (RACCS) of Nicaragua

 Latitude: 12.555267 | Longitude: -83.713272

November is the Garifuna heritage month in Orinoco

November is the Garifuna heritage month. There is a lot to see and experience in Orinoco, Bluefields and Nicaraguan Garifuna communities. Come to see and enjoy originality of rich Garifuna culture!

Our culture festival start in the beginning of November and there will be different activities during whole month.


  • November 6, 7, 8 and 9:th there will be cultural activities in various neighborhoods of Orionoco.

  • 11. of November there is a picnic -party in the next community, La Fe.

  • 11:th there will be a Minstral show in Bluefields in barrio Beholden Saint Martin's Meeting room.

  • 15:th Competition of arrival of Garifunas and traditional games with children and young people in Orinoco.

  • 16:th there will be a Tsugu, the dinner for older people in Orinoco

  • 17:th there will be thanks giving service in Saint Martins Church in Bluefilds.

  • 17:th a punta dancing competition in Bluefields

  • 17th the election of miss Garifuna in Orinoco community

  • 18;th activity called Hand go hand come, Pinatas, traditional games and Plat Pole - Dance around the decorated stick in Bluefields.

  • 19;th there is an excursion by boat Rio Escondido from Bluefields to Orinoco.

  • 19;th demostration of arrival of Garifunas to Nicaragua, Parade and cultural act in Orinoco

  • 19;th of November is the main activity; cultural activities and main concert will be held in Orinoco and event will take all day and the next night. Normally people will spend all the night in their feet, so that is the place and time to be. If you have a change to take a day off from work, it will be worth of it.

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