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Find Hostal Garifuna from Caribbean coast of Nicaragua

From pier 50 meters to north, By side of Anglican Church. Municipality of Pearl Lagoon. Region Autonoma Costa Caribe Sur (RACCS) de Nicaragua

Phone: (505) 86484985


GPS coordinates: Latitud: 12.555267 | Longitud: -83.713272

You are in Managua and want to visit to Orinoco, located in the uttermost eastern part of Nicaragua in shore of beautiful Pearl Lagoon, there are three ways to get there: 

1. You may take a national flight to Bluefields, managed by La Costeña. The cost of flight is 126 $ (and airport taxes, of course). From Bluefields you proceed to Orinoco with panga (a big outboard motor -boat). The fee for the boath ways is about $ 24 or 570 cordobas. The boat trip takes about 2 hours and you should be prepared for the rain in rainy season (May-November) and sometimes strong winds and sharp waves of lagoon. Most of the times trip in boat is relaxing and easy going, though.

2. You can choose to use your own car (it is recommendable to have high four wheeler). First you go to Rama (by paved and very good road) and from there to Pearl Lagoon (by very small dirt road which is in bad condition most of the year). This trip takes 5 hours to get Rama and 3-4 hours more to get to Pearl Lagoon. Then you proceed by panga to Orinoco, which takes about 20-30 minutes According to time tables).

3. You can take interurban bus (bus station is by Ivan Montenegro -market place in Managua) and go to Rama first and then to Pearl Lagoon. This option takes whole day or whole night, depending your time of departure. The most exotic and very interesting bus trip through Nicaragua, but have to admit; it is not the easiest one.

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