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A family from Colorado, United states, encountered an unusual sight during their visit in Kakha Creek reserve with Hostal Garifuna´s guide. In a small lagoon, which has a low level of water of the summertime, there was a unexpected surprise: In waterhole there bathed 12 small crocodiles or alligators. Even a bit worried of the possible presence of mother crocodile nearby, twelve and ten years old boys of the family took some great  photos and videos about baby reptiles.  Lately forest guards of the reserve told us, that mother alligator was closer than we ever could imagine: when it hears footsteps in the shore, it hides in the bottom of water hole. Forest guards told us that mother is not agressive and doesnt harm anyone, but is more afraid of visitors than the little ones. So we have an opportunity to admire this miracle of baby crocodiles from the close distance.

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