Garifuna is spoken all Central America, especially in Honduras. Most Garifunas not only speak Spanish and Kriol English, but also use the Igñeri dialect that is a combination of Arahuaco, French, Swahili, and Bantu. In the following there are some expressions and greetings in Garifuna language: In Nicaragua there are new garifuna -speakers among the scholars of the first grade of Orinoco primary school. These amazing pictures are part of learning material. Enjoy them and learn some new skills...

Common Garifuna greetings and expressions include:

Mábuiga —Hello

Buíti binafi —Good morning

Buíti amidi —Good afternoon

Buíti ranbá weyu —Good evening

Buíti gúyoun —Good night

Ayóu —Goodbye

Seremei —Thank you

Úwati mégeiti —You're welcome

Belú —Come in (to the house, used in place of "Welcome")

Buída lámuga lidi bin —Good luck

Adüga ba —Congratulations (Literally "You made it")

Buídu lá buweyasu —Have a good trip

Bungíu bún —God bless you (when someone sneezes)

Bungíu buma —Go with God

Bungíu buma súwan dán —God be with you always

Magadei bámuga —Get well soon

Buíti báüsteragüle —Happy birthday

Mábuiga Fedu — Merry Christmas

Búmagien láu sún ísieni —(Sincerely, as in the close of a letter)

Buídu lámuga básugurani ugúyen lábu súwan dán —Best wishes today and always.